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RM6000 End User Software Support & Training Services

World Wide Software Support Services:

End user software support services are available to provide telephone help and software resolutions to system problems. The service centres offer daytime response as follows:

  • UK support centre covering : Europe, Africa, Middle East

  • Moscow support centre covering : East Europe, Asia

  • USA support centre covering: Americas

The Sandmar Web site Software support information and collection of software and documentation. Internet and World Wide Web facilities are also available.

Software Support Services include:

  • A telephone HelpLine service is provided to provide advice and guidance on the use of RM6000 software products.

  • Complete software support can be provided by modem connection to assist in resolving system problems through to implementing software solutions to problems.

  • The service can also provide all RM6000 software feature upgrades to a customer.

End User training Services:

End user training can take place at the customer premises, or at one of the Sandmar software service centres. Training ranges from retail information workshops, through to hands on coaching of RM6000 software features. Courses available include:

Retail Information Systems Workshop

2.5 days

RM6000 Management Overview

1 day

RM6000 Front Office Operations

0.5 day

RM6000 Back Office Overview

1 day

RM6000 Database Manager

1 - 2 days

RM6000 Merchandising Manager

3 days

RM6000 Inventory Manager

1 day

RM6000 Finance Manager

1 day

RM6000 Systems Administration

5 - 10 days

RM6000 Network Manager Administration

2 days

RM6000 Remote Location Operations

1.5 days





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