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WEBXpress Brochure


RM6000 WEBXpress

WEBXpress is designed to offer access to the RM6000 database for:

- Commerce across the Internet

- Information browsing within the Organisation

- Customers requiring information such as pricing, loyalty Points etc.

- Information access for special user groups such as Franchise Partners.


WEBXpress consists of two main modules:

- A Web Browser Client with ASP access to the RM6000 Database.

- The Distribution application at the RM6000 Back Office.


WEBXpress Browser Functions:

The RM6000 database is published to the WEB Server as a normal RM6000 Remote Location. All updates to the RM6000 database will therefore take place automatically.

The software enables standard WEB Browsers to interact with the database to make sales via the Internet, or to disperse information to selected groups of users e.g. Franchise partners etc.

Static Web pages create a maintenance nightmare for larger sites as each HTML page has to be kept up to date when prices, or products change. WEBXpress utilises Active Server Page (ASP) technology for dynamic interaction with the Database using live data. The Browser screen sends a set of instructions to be processed by the Internet Information Server (IIS) on the WEB server. The WEB Server can be located on the Corporate Intranet, or for public / restricted access via the Internet.

The ASP technology dynamically generates an HTML in response to requests from the Browser user. Depending upon the user application design at the Browser the following information can be included:

- Select Products by Partial or Full Description

- Select Ranges of Products via the Classification System which for any product offers up to 24 levels of detail - Browse product pictures and detailed product information via a separate window

- Add products to the sales basket

- Purchase products with any payment method

- Check out stock availability by Store

- Review product selling prices

- Check out Customer Loyalty points

- Review the Customer Loyalty Rewards programme


WEBXpress Back Office Functions:

WEBXpress offers Sales Order Processing for, Mail Order, Tele-Sales, Sales orders received electronically.

WEBXpress has been designed for the collection of sales from a remote system, such as a WEB site, or a customer with whom you are trading electronically or, as a Sales Order Processing system.

When customers place an order using the WEBXpress browser it is transmitted automatically to the Back Office System.

Features at the WEBXpress Back Office System include:

- Authorisation of payment methods

- Part Shipments

- Back Order management

- Printing of Sales Order, Picking lists, Sales Invoice and Despatch documentation.

- Standard E-mail response messages

- Automatic Order Number Generation

- Amendments to Sales Order Details

- New Sales Orders added via the Back Office

- Full Sales History reporting via RM6000 Reports Manager

- New sales can be imported from a 3rd Party system or received via the Internet

WEBXpress will display the sales orders along with the current available inventory. Partial shipments can be authorised, payments can be validated and documentation created such as picking lists, delivery notes, invoices etc.


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