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RM6000 Overview

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Sandmar Global Retail Management Systems

Sandmar provides a comprehensive range of software solutions for business engaged in:

Selling goods and services

Managing and moving inventory

Merchandising of goods and services

These activities may be concentrated within a single business location, or spread across a number of remote business operations, including warehouses, retail outlets and administrative centres.

Sandmar Software Products are designed for a Retail & Wholesale businesses.

RM6000 is a Back Office & Head Office Retail Management System.

POSXpress3 is Point of Sale Software for Retail, Wholesale & Distribution.

WEBXpress provides e-Commerce functionality with the RM6000 Database.

RM6000 Front Office Operations:

Full control at the front office for retail, wholesale and mail order / tele-sales.

  • PC based Point of Sale, or full Point of Service operations.

  • Available with a wide range of specialist PC based Point of Sale Equipment, including; EPSON, ICL, IBM, Olivetti, WinCor, NCR, IPC, ABS, Alphameric, TEC, Casio, etc. including all OPOS based equipment.

  • Links to ICL ISS300 / ISS45 Point of Sale software and other 3rd Party tills.

  • Fiscal Memory facility where required.

  • WEBXpress selling via the Internet using the RM6000 database or existing WEB sites.

RM6000 Back Office Operations:
  • Full Merchandising Control.

  • Open to Buy Purchasing.

  • Loyalty Schemes.

  • Inventory Control.

  • Cash Management.

  • 300+ Standard Reports.

  • Links to Accounting & other 3rd Party Software.

  • Business Planning.

  • Business to Business WEB trading.

RM6000 Multi Branch Operations:
  • Remote Business Operations including Sales Outlets, Warehouses, Internet etc.

  • An Event Scheduler controls communications between locations.

  • Electronic Mail for all reporting and messaging.

RM6000 Software Technology:
  • Operates with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows NT & 2000.

  • Object Orientated Software Technology.

  • SyBase SQL/Anywhere Client / Server editions.

  • RM6000 is fully Year 2000 Compliant.

RM6000 is designed for:

Supermarkets, Fashion Outlets, Department Stores, Toy Shops, DIY Outlets, AutoPart Dealers, Cash & Carry Depots, Specialist Retailers, Mail Order Operations, Franchise Business, Furniture Stores. As well as many High Street retailing operations including; Jewellery, China, Photographic, Stationery, Electrical, Mobile Telephone, etc….


Sandmar Global Retail Systems Full Product Description can be down-loaded:

Down Load the RM6000 Product Description in English with Acrobat 4 format.

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